Ugly scenes at the John Smith’s Stadium saw a rugby league clash turn into utter chaos. The home game for Huddersfield Giants, who were hosting the Salford Red Devils, didn’t turn out the peaceful way as angry fans got involved in the ‘English Superbowl League’ brawl.

As per the Daily Telegraph reports, the match ended “in chaos as players jumped in to save their families from their own fans.”

The reports suggest that when the final whistle was blown, “A Salford fan ran onto the pitch as the away side came over to clap their travelling support.”

According to the Sun reports, security personnel reached the ground to the lead the fan out of the stadium following which “outraged fans” turned the ground into a wrestle-zone. The incident resulted in a crush involving “women and Children” too.

Salford coach Ian Wilson said: “They (fans) should be made accountable. This is a family game.

“They are not the type of fans we want.”

Players too got involved in the “angry altercation” with the fans. Junior Sa’u and Justin Carney rushed to the stands to save their families from the incident.

Australian Carney was seen exchanging heated arguments with their own fans. New Zealand native Sa’u too didn’t hold himself back.

RFL chief executive Nigel Wood said Monday: “We will conduct a full investigation into the events that took place in the away section of the crowd at the game between Huddersfield and Salford.

“We do not condone violence of any kind and will ensure that anyone found to have acted improperly is dealt with accordingly.”

In an earlier statement released by AFP, Koukash said: “I want to apologise to the Huddersfield Giants and to all the decent fans at the game today.

“We will work closely with the Giants and the RFL in our investigation and this minority of thugs responsible will be identified and dealt with by the club in the coming days. There is no place in Rugby League for them.”