Rugby player Michael Quinn has been found guilty of having plans to sexually abuse a six-year-old boy in the United States. He set everything while on his way to the US, where a rugby game was scheduled.

The 33-year-old rugby player was presented to the US District Court on Wednesday, where he admitted his plans.

The player had a chat with a man while on his way to the US, with whom he fixed to trap a six-year-old for sexual pleasure. He also said that he will be accompanied by other friends. He did not realize even for a second that the man he was chatting with was an undercover agent. He was assigned to undertake a sting operation on the player to catch him red-handed.

The undercover agent said that he would bring the boy at a beachside hotel in Los Angeles on May 21. Quinn was prepared to find other pedophiles as well in the hotel room. He bought the child for US$250 (AU$334). He was arrested instantly. The undercover official from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a criminal complaint of 16 pages, which also contained messenger conversations where indecent chats were found.

“In advance of his travel, Quinn arranged to meet with a small group of like-minded men in the Los Angeles area and go with them to a hotel where they would have sex with children,” ICE special agent Aaron McClellan wrote in the complaint. “Quinn, who expressed preference for boys aged 5-10, agreed to pay US$250 an hour to be provided with a child he could sodomize, and suggested sharing a child with one of the other men.”

9News reported that Quinn will be remaining in jail for the next 10 to 13 years. US Attorney Eileen Decker said that he visited Los Angeles with the intention of sexually abusing a child. There was no child involved in the matter as the entire operation was concerned with trapping Quinn for dark desires.

Melbourne Chargers rugby team member Michael Quinn is a Monash University- qualified geneticist who also worked for an IVF clinic in Melbourne. The practitioner preferred boys from 5 to 10 years of age for sexual pleasure.