We have all heard about ISIS by now. But have you heard about ISIS Devils? Majority of the Australian Rugby Fans know about the ISIS Devils and those who haven’t heard about them might think they are part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the most hated terrorist organization in the World right now.

After the Paris terrorist attacks the and Islamic State claimed responsibility for it, there is a widespread hunt for ISIS terrorists. People have become so paranoid about the term ISIS that they don’t even want to be related with those letters by any means possible.

So, will the ISIS Devils change their name after the recent terrorist attacks? No, they won’t. Just to make things clear, ISIS Devils wants to be recognized as part of the Australian Rugby League of teams and the Team is based in the district of ISIS in Queensland.

According to the Tribune reports, suggestions have poured in for the ISIS Devils to change their name in the aftermath of the Paris Attacks in order to avoid negative publicity.

Club spokesperson, Kevin Grant, has ruled out any such suggestions and refused to play under a different name. They shall continue with the same name owing to the rich history behind the club.

Grant felt that the terrorist group of ISIS will cease to exist in the future and the Club would be the sole users of the term “ISIS”.

“We’ve had this name for a long time and other places can do what they like, really,” Grant said. “We’ve been Isis for a long time. Newcomers come along and adopt our name. We’re not going to change. In the next six months they might not exist, with a bit of luck.”

As per the Independent reports, The Isis Devils rugby team made it to the Bundaberg rugby league final last year. The post read, “Since the match would be televised, the club was asked to change its name due to the publicity it would receive.”

But local residents have supported their Club’s decision not to change their name as it reflected the region’s history and tradition.