Statistics New Zealand has found out in its report that the number of people shifting from Australia to New Zealand has been increasing continuously.

Before, more Kiwis used to shift to Australia and vice versa over the past 34 years, but the pattern has changed in recent times. Migration figures to NZ are quite surprising at a net gain of 65,900 in 12 months to January 31, 2016. Among the total people migrating to NZ, 6,100 went to NZ in January alone, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Out of those who migrated to other countries, the Australians who shifted to NZ recorded the strongest proportion in 25 years. According to Business Insider, the net migration recorded in New Zealand, including permanent and long term settlements, has increased to 1,560 persons in the past 12 months, which is being considered as the highest since 1991’s recession.

“Migration arrivals reached a new high of 123,000 and departures fell to 57,100,” the Statistics New Zealand’s report stated. “The net gain from Australia numbered 1,300 for the January 2016 year, surpassing the 1,000 mark for the first time since the October 1991 year. This was the fourth month in a row to show an annual net gain of migrants from Australia.”

Just a few years ago, around 40,000 Kiwis moved to Australia in a year to get better opportunities and improved living conditions, but the deteriorating Australian economy has reversed the migration pattern. Changes to student visa rules in New Zealand have invited around 15,200 people from India in 2015 to January 31, 2016.

Westpac’s senior economist Anne Boniface said that the population has witnessed the fastest increase since 1974, which indicates NZ’s improving economy. “High population growth is helping to maintain a semblance of strong [economic] growth,” he said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand. “But at the same time, the preponderance of people in the labour market is keeping wage growth lower than it would otherwise be.”