Rafael Nadal has lost his dominance as his evident from the recent Australian Open results. The year 2015 wasn’t the most impressive one for Nadal and the terrible run continues in this year too.

As per the CNN reports, Nadal crashed out of the Australian open at the first round stage “for the first time in his career — after losing to fellow Spaniard Fernando Verdasco 7-6 (8-6) 4-6 3-6 7-6 (4-7) 6-2.”

It was for the time that Nadal had crashed out of a major tournament. The thrilling encounter lasted for four hours and 40 minutes which could be considered one of the longest stretch in a tennis match.  But the game wasn’t only about Nadal getting knocked out of the tournament. Right after beating Nadal, Fernando Verdasco was forced to deny match-fixing claims at the Australian Open.

According to the Telegraph UK, Verdasco faced a series of questions “about suspicious betting patterns surrounding his matches over the past five months.”

Analysts noticed a pattern where “rapid swings of odds suggested heavy bets coming in against him.”

He was in a face saving mode after beating Nadal. “There is many things that they said about someone,” he replied.

“You know, at the end we know that all that is out there and we will fight to change that. But it is hard, no? At the end there is many people in this world, and is impossible to control everyone. But we are trying – if it was up to me, I would take out the betting. But I can’t. I don’t have that power. We are trying to fight against that. I cannot really say anything more. Like I said, it’s tough to control what everybody says.”

Match Fixing allegations rocked the Australian Open recent BBC reports suggested that an unknown Grand Slam was under the suspicion and “eight players who have been investigated during the past decade are in the main draw at the Australian Open.”

According to the Straitstimes, “Novak Djokovic spoke in depth for the first time about being offered US$200,000 (S$288,000) to fix a match in 2006, though he vehemently defended his sport against accusers who allege match-fixing is widespread.”

Though Djokovic denied match fixing scandals are not prevalent at the highest levels, the Swiss Legend Roger Federer called for strict action from the administration.