The death of an Australian mum and her unborn baby in Las Vegas as a result of a tragic pregnancy complication has come as disturbing news for their family and requests for public assistance in bringing them back home.

Aussie woman Natasha Angie and her husband, John Shaw, were holidaying in the United States when the former, who was 26 weeks pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, suffered a sudden attack of pre-eclampsia. The rare disease caused the death of both mother and child. Her family shared the news with The Advertiser to let the public know about the matter so that people become aware of the treatments available for the disease.

The matter was brought into focus to get public financial support and bring back both the dead bodies to Adelaide and bid them last goodbyes. When the family appealed for financial aid online from the public, it resulted in donations of $10,000 in a mere two days. This amount will be used to cover the cost of transportation of the bodies from the US to Australia.

Angie’s uncle, Rex Angie, said that the former suffered from a severe migraine accompanied by an abdominal pain last week but ignored it. Her condition deteriorated on Saturday. Her husband called an ambulance when she displayed “stroke-like symptoms.” According to 9News, she was admitted to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Centre in Las Vegas. She was then diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, which is a rare and aggressive form of pre-eclampsia. The disease is characterised by high blood pressure and it attacks would-be mothers at later stages of pregnancy.

“Early Sunday, Adelaide time, John rang us to say the doctors had to sedate her and put her in an induced coma,” the uncle said. He added that the Australian mum died the day after she delivered a stillborn.