Not all courses are running smooth for the Turnbull cabinet. Sunday saw the third minister conducting behavior in an unprofessional manner that has raised concerns. Even though the incident was purely accidental, what triggered was a nationwide coverage. Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, erroneously texts a message to Sunday Telegraph political editor, Samantha Maiden, calling her a ‘mad f*cking witch’. It was thought to be sent to fellow politician, Jamie Briggs, in regards to what Maiden wrote in a critical article regarding Briggs.

Meanwhile, Peter Dutton has apologised for his blunder. Maiden has verified to Nine Network Monday about the whole incident.

“As soon as he sent me that text saying ‘Mate, she’s a bit of a mad witch’ I sent him a text saying ‘Mate, you’ve sent the text to the mad witch’,” she said. “I was more than happy to accept Peter Dutton’s apology.” She is hopeful that the minister won’t lose his position after this incident.

She even joked it off in her tweeter account.

Recently, two of Turnbull’s important ministers, Jamie Briggs, Minister for Cities and Built Environment, and Special Minister for State and Minister for Defense Material, Mal Brough have resigned. The Jamie Briggs incident involved a female public servant who complained about Briggs’ behaviour inside a bar in Hong Kong. Briggs has, therefore, resigned from his post, as ‘his conducts fell short’ of acceptable standard. In a statement by Nine News, Briggs wrote, “I’ve apologised directly to her but after careful reflection about the concerns she raised and the fact that I was at a bar late at night while on an overseas visit I have concluded this behaviour has not met the particularly high standards for Ministers.”

On the other hand, Mal Brough is under immense pressure after the Australian Federal Police are investigating his involvement in ruination of disgraced former Parliamentary Speaker, Peter Slipper. As per the Prime Minister’s statement, Brough will detach from his post “pending the completion of inquiries by the police.”

Meanwhile, Maiden, in her article, stated the incident was “about as dumb as all get out.” She also said, “He did not go down simply for having a beer or giving a woman a kiss on the cheek. Briggs got the boot because his alcoholic intake left him running the risk of behaving like Les Patterson when representing Australia abroad.”

For your additional information, Dutton has been caught on another awkward situation during Abbott’s reign. He was captured by a boom mic making a harsh statement about the fate of Pacific nations as sea levels rise due to the change of climate.

Let’s hope our ministers stay awkward-free this 2016.

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