Rodney Syme, a doctor from Melbourne, is being investigated by the Medical Board of Australia. Syme has helped several people to have peaceful death by performing the act of euthanasia.

An ardent advocate of euthanasia, Syme is now branded as a serious risk to the public.

The board received an allegation that Syme was planning to give a lethal drug to a patient named Bernard Erica, a 70-year-old man with terminal cancer. After this, the board ordered the doctor to refrain from anything that involves the “primary purpose of ending a person’s life.”

The doctor, who is also the vice president of Dying with Dignity Victoria, could lose his medical license and even face criminal charges if he contradicts the regulatory authorities by helping Erica.

Syme gave his word to Erica that he would help the cancer patient to die at a time of his own choosing. He would give Erica the lethal and illegal Nembutal, says The ABC.

Erica is suffering from tongue and lung cancer. He is scared of dying in a palliative care unit where he cannot speed up his death when he is ready.

That is the reason he sought the doctor’s advice.

On Monday, Erica said that his general practitioner had been supportive earlier to let him go with the process of Euthanasia. But the GP reported Syme to the medical board.

Surprisingly, the GP never talked about Erica’s mental health or his interactions with Syme before he reported, says The Age. According to Erica, the GP had even been meticulous while telling Erica about the right time to die.

“He’s just covering his own arse,” Erica said. “I’m really pissed off.”

Syme attacked the “hypocrisy in the law.” “I told him I would give him Nembutal if he deteriorated to the point he felt he might need it,” said Syme.

“It would be his decision whether he chose to use it- not mine- he would be in control.”

According to The Guardian, the 80-year-old urologist believes that the whole ordeal with the board is “bizarre.” He said it is clear that the board is in “disarray.”