The Australian map that has been followed for long is apparently incorrect, as discovered by the Global Positioning System.

Media reports have stated that the country will formally locate the error and rectify the position of the points on the map. Plate tectonics are causing inconsistencies in the country’s position on the global map. The plate tectonics movements of the earth’s surface make big chunks shift from time to time. Australia is one among the fastest-moving pieces on Earth.

A recent geological study has revealed that the country keeps moving at a regular pace every year, accounting for a 2.7-inch movement northward annually. Plate tectonics shifting also prompts minute clockwise rotations. The inaccuracy of the positioning of the continent may not be visible to the general public, but the GPS tracker successfully measures the difference.

Hence, the continent requires adjustments in terms of both latitudes and longitudes to cope with the GPS coordinates and relocate the position correctly. In the past five decades, there have been four adjustments made to the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates to locate the nation correctly. The final one was done in 1994.

The study has prompted the next adjustment to be made until the end of 2016.  The shift will be about 1.5 meters to make sure the continent is positioned correctly, according to NY Times.

Meanwhile, a reporter has claimed that there are several points on the Australian map that are more “pornographic” than “funny.” ABC journalist Ben Pobjie has called on the federal government to make the nation decent by changing the names of the filthy places across the nation. He found the names of the listed places across Australia published in the newly released Marvelous Map of Actual Australian Place Names.

Places like Curly Dick Road, Son of a Bitch Spur, Tittybong, Bastard Point, etc. are some of the names that imply indecency across the nation, and hence, need to be changed.