A court heard on Thursday the case of an Australian man who allegedly violated the dignity of almost 11 girls in Bali in exchange for food, money and clothes.

The Denpasar District Court held the trial for the case. It heard that 69-year-old Robert Andrew Fiddel Ellis used to bathe victims for sexual pleasures. According to Yahoo News, he seemed calm enough and was discovered having conversations with his alleged victims.

His victims belonged to the age groups 9 to 11. Prosecutors have addressed the court saying the Melbourne-based man rented room in Tabanan, near Kuta. He called his victims there for sexual pleasure. The victims came to him because of his promised gifts to them. The incidents have been recorded between 2014 and 2015.

Ellis used to bathe them and touch their bodies all over. According to what the court heard, once he bathed three girls at a time and then took them to a mall to buy them clothes.

“After that, the defendant took the three girls home to where they were staying and the defendant gave them each 200,000 rupiah (about $AU20),” the court’s indictment stated.

Lawyer Benny Hariyano said that he and his client won’t challenge the court’s indictment as the allegations have been confirmed. But at the same time, he denied claims regarding his client touching the private parts or genitals of the victims.

“Robert never ordered them. He only said that if they wanted to go for a walk, they must take a bath first and after that, they were given a push bike,” the lawyer addressed media outside court.

On the other hand, a worker at child protection center, Siti Sapura, brought to the attention of the court that there were two women who were also involved in the matter with the Australian man. They used to bring children to him.

Ellis was arrested on January 11 on allegations of luring children for clothes, food and money and then taking sexual advantage of them. Earlier, a police spokesman claimed to have talked to four children who worked in the market.

Bali Provincial Police Spokesman Herry Wiyanto said that the four of them were not school-goers but worked in the market. The Australian man used to take them with him in exchange for promised gifts.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told the Daily Mail earlier this year that privacy obligations do not allow authorities to provide further details.