An 18-year-old Macquarie Park man have been arrested by the federal police, for allegedly planning a terrorist attack in Sydney.

Police have stated that the man was acting on his own, without any accomplice. They have also informed that he was in the process of acquiring a firearm.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the man was stopped at Sydney Airport from flying to Syria. He was arrested by counter-terrorism police on Tuesday morning.

Police have said that the man came under their surveillance last year. They stated that he had connection with others.

However, currently he will be taken before the courts on terrorism offences. There, it will be alleged he was planning an attack alone.

Police have also said that the arrest is not in any way related to the raids that took place in Melbourne, which was linked to the five men arrested for trying to take a getaway to Indonesia to join ISIS last week, says Business Insider.

The acting Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Neil Gaughan said they are “satisfied” that any threat to the community posed by this individual has been terminated.

He also said police believed that this individual was acting alone.

“We will allege that this individual was looking at possible sites in Sydney to undertake a terrorist attack and was making arrangements to acquire a firearm.” Gaughan said.

According to deputy commissioner Catherine Burn, as of now nine “imminent attacks” have been mitigated. She also said it was unfortunate that the number of people involved in these failed attacks are getting “younger and younger.”

It was reported that the man was supposedly stopped from flying to Syria in February and thereafter had his passport cancelled.

After this incident, he allegedly shifted his attention on getting a weapon. He was then preparing for his attack in Sydney.

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The man will be served with two offences – allegedly opting for a terrorist attack and planning for foreign invasions.

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Both these offences carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.