Former Australian Idol host James Mathison has declared that he will run as an independent for the seat of Warringah in New South Wales in the Federal Election, a seat which has been held by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott since 1994.

For his campaign, Mathison is targeting the votes from the youth using the hashtag #TimesUpTony on social media and updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts with the slogan “Warringah deserves better,” according to Stuff NZ.

The hashtag is in reference to Mathison’s belief that Abbott has been complacent with his seat in the Coalition for many years.

The host recently highlighted Abbott’s failure to act on numerous issues such as climate change, same-sex marriage and asylum seekers in his 22-year reign in a recent interview.

“Tony Abbott’s views don’t only reflect the views of the people of Warringah, but they don’t reflect the views of anyone I know under 30,” he told MTV Australia, according to ABC News.

“He’s against marriage equality, he thinks climate change is a hoax, doesn’t sneeze at the idea that we’ve locked children up in deplorable conditions overseas and he’s lied over and over again.”

Abbott was ousted from his post as Prime Minister of Australia in September of last years and was succeeded by Malcolm Turnbull, but he will still have a “high-profile” role in the upcoming election, according to Tanya Plibersek.

Turnbull himself admitted to have had a chat with Abbott a few weeks ago about “life, politics, everything,” and took in the former prime minister’s word that he will not be seeking the highest position in the land once again.

Abbott declared in an interview last month that his era in leadership has “been and gone,” but he was proud of what he was able to do. He vowed that he will remain a prominent figure in upholding the Liberal Party’s conservative values.