Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte has managed to grab controversy on an international scale with his negative rape remarks though he apologised in a very confusing way on the matter.

The PH leading candidate has addressed Australia and threatened Aussies to “stay out” of the campaign. This came following the criticism from Australians on his remark on the rape and murder of an Australian missionary. His remark has brought him to a very controversial point and which is the most critical stage of his political career to date. Duterte, at a recent rally during his election campaign, cracked a joke on the missionary’s rape and murder in 1989.

Duterte held the post of the mayor when the prison riot took place and he addressed the matter during his latest rally, saying said he should have been given the chance to rape the missionary first as the governor of Davao. The woman, 36, was taken hostage, raped, then murdered. The reports stated that about four hostages were killed in the riot of 1989. The “joke” was revealed via a YouTube video captured at the Amoranto Stadium rally and was broadcast over the weekend.

However, just a day after the broadcast of the video, the presidential candidate agreed to give an interview outside his garage in Davao. According to the Rappler, in 26 minutes of his explanation on the matter, he did not clarify whether he was apologising or justifying his comment. He said he was apologising for using “gutter language” and at the same time, he said he was sorry for the negative reaction that came from the public.

Rodrigo Duterte reiterated though that he did not feel sorry for his remark itself as it was a narration derived from the 1989 series of riots.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely tweeted that rape and murder is a matter that should never be joked about, according to the ABC. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade later released a statement. “Australia strongly condemns such comments that make light of rape, which is a violent crime,” the statement read.