A prospector from Victoria has discovered a giant gold nugget using a Minelab metal detector in the southern edge of Central Victoria’s Golden Triangle on Friday. The gold nugget, nicknamed Friday’s Joy, weighs four kilograms and is worth $250,000.

“I thought it was rubbish at first,” says the unnamed man. “About 12 inches below the ground, I could just barely make out the top of something. As I began to scrape away the clay and dig deeper, I really couldn’t believe my eyes — this wasn’t an old piece of steel in front of me.”

The gold nugget was found after the same prospector also excavated a nine-ounce gold chunk with the size of a tennis ball in the same place, about 60 centimeters below ground. Victoria’s Golden Triangle also includes renowned gold mining towns Ballarat and Bendigo. The area extends west to Stawell.

The prospector has been looking for gold, coins and other relics during weekends for more than 10 years. He also made a promise to several of his friends to share whatever treasure he finds to them. After discovering the gold nugget, he called his mates and celebrated the discovery over beers.

According to him, he plans to purchase a van and travel across Australia after he receives the money from the treasure. He also aims to hunt for more treasure in other areas during his journey.

The $250,000-gold nugget is now placed in a bank vault. A replica is being constructed and a plan to start an auction is under way.

Fraser Kendall, Minelab’s regional sales and marketing director, is excited over the find. Kendall adds that the recent discovery indicates that gold is still abundant in Victoria.

Kendall says the nugget is comparable with the 159.3 ounce “Cindy’s Pride.” It also exceeded the 87-ounce gold nugget discovered by prospector Mick Brown in 2015.