Two-time world car racing champion Fernando Alonso survived a horrible crash that destroyed his McLaren-Honda at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix recently.

Alonso’s car clipped the rear of Esteban Gutierrez of Haas Racing at full speed while trying to pass him that caused his Spaniard’s McLaren to flipped repeatedly and crumbled to pieces before hitting a barrier at turn three of the Albert Park circuit, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Alonso’s wrecked car finally came to rest while upside down and he managed to free himself from the wreckage unharmed.

Watch the crash video below

“I’m extremely happy to be here, it was quite a scary crash, I’m thankful for the safety of these cars … I’m alive thanks to the job of the last 10 to 15 years of Formula One,” Alonso said.

“I was flying, so you see the sky then the ground, then the sky, then the ground.  You want to stop but it doesn’t stop. It keeps going and going and going. It was quite scary, but at the last moment the car stopped and I had a little space to go out and I said ‘I will go out quickly because my mother will be watching at home,” the racer narrated the experience.

Meanwhile, Gutierrez ran to Alonso’s aid and embraced the latter. “The most important thing is that we are both fine – it was a very scary moment and not very pleasant to see how his car ended up,” Gutierrez said.

Both drivers agreed it was just a racing incident with neither driver significantly at fault.

The incident stopped the Australian Formula One Grand Prix momentarily before resuming with Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg edging out reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton. Last season’s Formula One champ Hamilton finished the race in second.

Rosberg emerged victorious even though he led the race for fewer laps than Sebastien Vettel, who finished third, Hollywood Life reported.