Coles supermarket, the nation’s leading supermarket chain does not get it right when it comes to selling Australia Day merchandise. The national retail mega-giant has been left embarrassed after flying multiple flags in a store that have the Southern Cross appearing to be “back-to-front.” Check out the picture below.


The corporate error occurred in a Coles supermarket in Toowong, southwest of Brisbane. The picture

of the defective flags, which appear to bear the Southern Cross in mirror-image, was taken by a customer Mark Whistler and uploaded to Coles’ Facebook page, Yahoo News reports.

“Well done Coles … what a complete corporate fail,” the customer wrote.

“You obviously had one of your “Choice” overseas sweat shop suppliers produce these flags, but then you compound the fail by having your employees hang them (and for Australia Day as well),” he added.

The Supermarket giant was also blasted on social media. Check out some of the tweets below:

A supervisor at the Toowong supermarket told Brisbane Times that he somehow missed the wrong flag design and was also not sure since when the same flags had been flying.

Allan Pidgeon, National Flag Association president requested Coles not to repeat the same mistake on other such days, such as ANZAC Day. “It’s a national symbol that must be respectfully treated,” Pidgeon said, adding that he suspects that the flags were probably manufactured overseas.

“It was quite awkward because we wanted to support Australian manufacturers,” Pidgeon added, according to the website. “It would be very poor form for Coles to fly these flags on ANZAC Day, which is a more solemn day.”

It is not the first time that a retail chain has gotten the Australian flag wrongly. Earlier, Woolworths came under fire for selling an Australia Day cap that excluded Tasmania.

“Woolworths is aware of the issue and in the process of withdrawing the product from our supermarket shelves,” a statement from the company read.

Coles is yet to issue any statement on the error.