Tim Eddy, a young filmmaker, stunned netizens with his beautiful aerial drone footage of Australia’s NSW North Coastline.

Eddy captured the blue waters off the coast of Byron Bay and Lennox Head for over a month, Yahoo News reported. The short film vividly captures sandy beaches, sweeping cliffs, and the iconic lighthouse of Cape Byron. It also shows humpback whales swimming on the blue green waters and dolphins splashing in the Tasman Sea. Eddy’s professionally-done film clearly shows off Australia’s breathtaking landscape. Netizens even mistook it for a tourism advertisement campaign!

A YouTube subscriber commented, “amazing, some of this stuff could be from a aussie tourist ad (sic).” Another wrote “Incredible mate. Captured home perfectly. Love the shot across the headland walking trail at Boulders.”

Eddy published the video on February 5, but it already has 2,772 views as of this writing. According to the netizens, the quality of Eddy’s film is at a par with the videos released by tourism organizations.

Australia’s International ‘Tourism’ Campaign

Earlier this month, the Australian government pledges to boost its tourism campaign by releasing the 360-degrees videos or what the Tourism Australia called “virtual tour.” The magazine D’Marge reported that the videos primarily feature white sand beaches and underwater marine creatures. For this year, Tourism Australia wants to highlight the country’s marine biodiversity, the official website of the agency reaffirms.

Tourism Australia chose the actor Chris Hemsworth to be their Global Ambassador. Tourism Australia Managing Director John O’Sullivan said that the current tourism campaign focuses on the country’s world-class aquatic and coastal experiences to which Hemsworth subscribes to.

Australia has the 7th longest coastline in the world, according to the website ’10 Most of Today.’ It is also the 6th largest country in the world without land borders. Whether people think that it is the largest island in the world, or the smallest continent, it is so big that it is blessed with beautiful coastline, according to the website.