An Australian family, which was deported from Scotland, has been permitted to stay there after securing a job meeting immigration conditions.

Gregg Brain, Katherine Brain and their son Lachlan have been allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after they faced deportation issues due to their attempt to qualify for a new visa. The family had to struggle for a long time as the terms of the visa on the basis of which they entered the nation in 2011 underwent some changes.

The threesome came to Scotland on the student visa of Katherine who has now managed to secure a job that fulfills all the visa regulations. As a result, the Home Office has allowed the family to stay. “I just can’t describe how I feel. It’s just been seven months now we’ve been without work and struggling and fighting through this whole process,” Katherine Brain told a media outlet.

“We’ve got a brilliant employer on board who already has a sponsorship licence in place. They had to get a certificate of sponsorship for this particular position but the position itself meets all the criteria for the Home Office.”

The Australian family moved to Scotland’s Dingwall in the Highlands from Brisbane on a temporary student visa. Since the government changed the visa conditions on the basis of which they arrived in the UK, they have been trying to get a new visa because of the fear of deportation. The Home Office told them that they did not meet the new requirements of the visa, and hence, they might have to leave the nation.

The  Brain family has been receiving the extension to their stay by authorities, the latest of which was until Aug. 1. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brain hunted for a new job, which she successfully landed. Macdonald Highland Resort chief executive Simon Farr said that the authorities were satisfied as the authorities did justice to the members while praising the contribution that Katherine made in the history of the nation.

A Home Office spokesperson confirmed the news of Katherine’s job. “We have always been clear with the Brain family that if a suitable job offer was received, an application to remain in the UK would be considered. We gave them a number of extensions on an exceptional basis to allow them to try to secure a job that would allow them to meet the Immigration Rules,” the spokesperson told BBC, referring to the Australian family.

“Mrs. Brain was subsequently offered a job with a hotel group. This has been considered and we are satisfied that it meets the conditions for a Tier 2 visa. Today, we have written to Mrs. Brain and confirmed that she and her family have been granted leave to remain in the UK.”