When anti-Islam and anti-migrant leader Pauline Hanson made an unexpected win for a Senate seat, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s fears increased.

The yet-to-be declared Aussie elections result has remained unpredictable from its very first phase. The opinion polls indicated that any party or independent member can witness uplift in his/her political career. Hanson gained popularity in Australia as well as around the globe for her continuous attack on Asian immigration schemes and policies. It was the time when she held the position of an MP in the 1990s. After a break of two decades, she has again managed to grab the focus of voters and return to the parliament in Aussie elections 2016.

Turnbull emphasized freeing the nation from micro-party senators. However, the stunning comeback of the One Nation’s party candidate spoiled his hopes. With this, his fears of retaining his governance in the nation have also increased. The retention of the popularity of Hanson resulted from her shift in criticizing Asian immigration policies to attacking Muslim traditions. During her election campaign, she revealed her plans relating to posing limitation on halal certification and also holding a “royal commission into Islam” at a regular interval.

In 1996, Hanson delivered a speech where she said Australia was in danger as it might get “swamped by Asians.” However, in her campaign for the 2016 election, she switched to Australia’s decline by being ‘swamped by Muslims’. “If you’re going to bury your head in the sand about it, you’re a fool,” she said, as quoted by The Telegraph.

As of Monday’s counting, it seems that no party will win in majority in the Australian election 2016. This means that no party will come with full majority to form the government in the lower house. According to what Antony Green told Fairfax Media, Turnbull’s chance to win 76 seats to gain majority seems minimal.

“I remember coming out of prison and saying I’d have rocks in my head to actually go back and do it again,” Hanson said. “But the support I’ve received from Australians … and the encouragement I’ve received from the Australian people is why I’ve kept going.”