An Australian doctor is facing backlash over his chiropractic treatment, where a video shows him cracking a newborn’s back. The video of Dr Ian Rossborough, who is seen treating a 4-day old baby’s back has brought a lot of traction on the social media over his medical move.

In the video, Rossborough puts the baby on his lap with baby’s back upward and face down. Then he presses the baby’s back downwards which causes a loud cracking sound followed by the baby’s crying.

Several social media posts have criticised the doctor’s unusual way of treating patients. However, Rossborough, who treats babies with the different illness, said that the infant was suffering from “colic and reflux”.

“Colic is really caused by crying episodes and stressed babies,” Dr Tim Bain, of Bain Clinic Wellness, told Fox News.

“We think there may be something to do with gas in the intestines, bubbles, that kind of stuff. The medical treatment is really simethicone— that really has been proven not to work, but people are doing that every single day.”

Well, not all from the doctors‘ community like Rossborugh’s treatment.

Dr Frank Jones, president of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, said that the method is “cruel” for the health of babies.

“Well, I think that this is an unnecessary and seemingly almost cruel process that there is actually no evidence to support,” Jones was quoted in Yahoo News.

“Why would you ever do that? It should not be advertised, it should not be practised. There is actually no evidence whatsoever that manipulating the spine makes any difference to things such as colic or asthma,”

Backing Rossborough, Bain said that several medical studies recommend chiropractic treatment, which is a more beneficial treatment than simethicone for treating colic.

Bain also said that parents desperately look for solutions and bring in babies and the treatment go well for calming babies.

“It works really well with calming babies … because you’re affecting and activating nerves in the spine that are changing the stress modes of the baby, and the baby becomes less stressed, mommy becomes less stressed, and everything starts to kind of wind down a little bit from there.” Bain said.

Check out what Rossborough has to say about the criticism: