Australian DJ Tigerlily recently found herself in the middle of a scandal. Her nude Snapchat photo was stolen and leaked online. How does she feel about it? What lessons did she learn from the incident?

The blue haired DJ sat down with Pedestrian to discuss her thoughts on the “explitive] situation.” Her main takeaway from what happened? “Don’t trust nerds.”

Tigerlily said this referring to the hackers who broke into her Snapchat account and edited her nude video. “If they want to get something they can get something,” the popular DJ told Pedestrian. But Tigerlily is still willing to take responsibility for what occurred.

“I take 100% responsibility for the stuff I post online. And I’m aware that some people might not necessarily like that. But in this case… I still take 100% responsibility even though it was posted to a manger’s Snapchat…I was just uneducated and didn’t understand…the ability that these people have to edit what I put out there,” she explained.

The DJ also learned how important it is to be social media savvy. “I think it’s a matter of…being aware of what you’re getting yourself into on each social media platform,” she added.

News Australia earlier reported that a nude video Tigerlily shared online was ripped from Snapchat. The video was digitally altered to remove the “concealing emojis.” And it was then “publicly distributed without her permission.”

The original video was filmed three weeks ago by Tigerlily’s tour manager. “I’d just taken a shower and I put on the white hotel robe…We were having a bit of a laugh and being silly and I flashed her,” the DJ told the news site. “She edited the video before she uploaded it…She covered my private parts with emojis and squiggles. You couldn’t see anything…I didn’t think twice about it,” she added.