The International Criminal Court (ICC) has received a petition accusing Australian detention centers of violating the human rights of refugees. The immigration units have been suspected of being a source of humanity crimes. The petition came from a group of legal experts.

The Global Legal Action Network and the Stanford International Human Rights Clinic submitted a 108-page legal petition to the court on Monday. The submission alleged Australian authorities of conducting “harrowing practices” towards asylum seekers. The petition asks the ICC prosecutor to launch an investigation into Australian detention centers to see if individuals and corporate actors illustrate “crimes against humanity.”

“As recent leaks reveal, these privatized facilities entail long-term detention in inhumane conditions, often including physical and sexual abuse of adults and children,” Glan said in a statement. “The conditions and resulting hopelessness have caused what experts describe as ‘epidemic levels’ of self-harm among those held on these islands. Based on original research, the communication is the most comprehensive submission on crimes against humanity perpetrated outside of a context of war.”

Australian Detention Centers to be Investigated

In order that ICC prosecutor put charges on Australian authorities for an inhumane treatment of Asylum seekers, it would need a valid proof. Once the prosecutor is sure that the authorities in the nation violated the Rome Statute, it would proceed with the claims and charges.  The law is found to be violated if the crime constituted “a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack.”

The ICC actions are governed by the Rome Statute, the Guardian Australia mentioned. The Australian detention centers constitute a party for the law. The Article 7 of the law defines conditions to be considered as a crime against humanity. It contains nine other offenses as well on the list. In the Rome Statute, the crime against humanity is defined as “deportation or forcible transfer of populations; imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law.”

For quite some time, Australian detention centers are making news for ill-treating refugees. The alleged allegations include tear-gassing boys in NT detention center and mistreating the children. A Somali woman set herself alight at Nauru detention center because of improper treatment in the past. The increasing revelation about the asylum seekers being ill-treated in the immigration centers alarmed the legal experts, making them file a petition against them.

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