An overhaul is coming to the Australian Defence Force so the military can assist the local police when dealing with terrorist threats. On Monday, the Turnbull government will announce the expansion of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) after a review in 2014 regarding the fatal Lindt Cafe siege. It shows that the country’s government will be taking terrorism more seriously from now on, not that it was ever a joke, but the lack of special training did put the military at a disadvantage.

“The key thing we need is the most flexible possible arrangements — the threat’s changed very significantly,” Justice Minister Michael Keenan told ABC radio. “We need to make sure that the ‘call out’ powers are appropriate for the current circumstances.” The New Daily has also confirmed that the local police will still take the lead when it comes to terrorist threats, but the proposed changes will allow them to call for ADF support with less limitations, which should be useful in emergencies.

“What we want to do is make sure we’re working with the police, so whatever assets the Commonwealth has including the ADF are being used,” he said. “There would only be limited circumstances in which the niche military capabilities that we have would be required.” A press conference will be held soon to make the announcement official, which should lead to an interesting response from the masses.

Apparently, said changes with the ADF will make the relationship between the police and the military stronger than it already is. While the changes being made are good, it’s clear that there is some sadness in the move being made, since no one in the country expected a terrorist threat more than a decade ago. “In 2005 we never imagined Australia would be under the current terrorism threat that it is.”