A pensioner couple from Port Kennedy in Western Australia has won $1 million after spending their last $11. The husband and wife, both aged in their 60s, became instant millionaires after the wife had a dream about it.

According to the wife, she had a dream where she won the lotto. So she decided to buy the country’s only division one Lotto ticket at St Clair Pharmacy and News in Port Kennedy.

“When you’re living pension to pension it isn’t easy,” pointed out the woman. “I was surprised my hubby let me use our last bit of change to buy the ticket but it was a double win day.” Apparently, before winning the lotto, the couple was forced to sell their house. They could not afford to pay their mortgage anymore, they explained.

When the wife found out that she had the winning ticket, she called her husband and tried to explain everything. However, the husband did not initially believe that they got that lucky.

“I didn’t know what to do,” the wife added. “I wanted to tell my husband straight away but I was scared the shock of it would give him a heart attack.”According to the husband, the money they won would save them from their financial troubles. The husband wants to pay their mortgage, the West Australian reports.

“I told her not to be stupid,” he said. “When I rechecked the numbers I immediately realized we could afford our next mortgage payment.”

George Salib, the owner of the store where the ticket was bought, said that he knew that the couple was trying to sell their house due to their problems. He said that he is very glad to hear that the husband and wife became millionaires overnight. The price money couldn’t have gone to more deserving people.

Another lucky couple also won the lotto last year. A young couple from Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast was struggling to buy their first home when they won $44 million.

“I was at work this morning on smoke break and decided to check our ticket,” said the man. “I saw that I had three numbers in a row, so I quickly checked that I had the Powerball number and then went back and checked the rest of the numbers. As soon as I saw I had all the numbers on one line I just yelled ‘holy ****!’ – my boss thought I’d chopped my arm off with a saw.”

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