LSU Tigers freshman Ben Simmons has been receiving considerable amount of praise for his basketball prowess throughout the season.  But he wouldn’t even dream of the President of America to be next in line in recognizing his great performance.

Barack Obama did not hide his emotions during a visit to Baton Rouge, near New Orleans, while jokingly calling the Tigers star “an OK basketball player” at an address at the McKinley High School.

“I thought I might mention you’ve got an OK basketball player named Ben Simmons in the house”, Obama said to huge rounds of applause, according to the Huffington Post.

Watch the POTUS video during his address at the McKinley High School here.

Aussie college phenomenon Ben is touted to be the next big thing in basketball and many see him to be the future #1 overall NBA draft pick.  Simmons has been averaging a record high of 20 points and 12 assists per game for the Louisiana State University Tigers this year.

Obama even mentioned Simmons in the same line as Michael Jordan, when he was taking question on twitter with the #AskPotus hashtag.

Someone asked him “#askpotus kobe , mj , or lebron”

Although he said Jordan is the king, he didn’t shy away from mentioning Simmons in the same light.

According to Bleacher report, Obama had the chance to play basketball with star-studded North Carolina Tar Heels a few years back. Now he might get the chance to play with Simmons in Louisiana.

Rob Kreiger, a reporter at FOX also tweeted a photo of Simmons waiting to meet Obama after his address. He said:

Ben Simmons waiting to see @BarackObama. He says, “Maybe I’ll take him down to LSU to shoot some hoops.” @FOX8NOLA

19-year-old Ben is getting all the attention he needs, and luckily for him it is straight from the White House. It wouldn’t be long until he makes it to the NBA.