Finally, Rye Hunt’s family will be handed his body so that they can cremate him and bring his ashes to his home state of Tasmania. The backpacker’s body was found washed up on the shores of Marica on June 8.

The 25-year-old Tasmanian went missing on May 21 when he got separated from his travelling companion Mitchell Sheppard at the Rio airport. Shortly before they became separated, they had a heated conversation after which both took what is suspected to a highly potent drug known as NBOMe.

Rye’s uncle went to Rio in search of him, but found him dead after two weeks of rigorous searching. He also lodged an application with a Rio court so as to be able to bring his remains to his own home country. In one of the other recent tragic incidents, two were found dead while scuba diving. Read here. reported that if the application is granted, Mr Hunt’s uncle and girlfriend Bonnie Cuthbert could bring his remains to Australia on June 15. In the words of Cuthbert, Rye was a loving husband and that they shared the past five years beautifully.

She referred to him as ‘beautiful Big Bear’ and said to the media, “We have been so lucky to have found and loved each other so deeply. The love Rye and I shared will remain with both of us, forever.”

According to Mr Hunt’s family, he was a loving, loyal and infuriating brother. However, the family is disappointed as they did not get the opportunity to share this important and sad news with their closest friends and family members. They also added, “We apologize that some may have heard this for the first time in the media.”

Reports by Daily Mail pointed out that Brazilian authorities carried out a 72-hour sea search after a body was seen floating off Rio’s coast wearing clothing similar to the ones Mr. Hunt was wearing when he vanished. DNA tests were conducted, which confirmed it was Mr Hunt’s body. Here is another interesting news that took place in a Sydney hospital where a person was found dead in a toilet.