Ever wondered why Australians speak the way they do? An expert revealed that the Australian accent was formed because its forefathers were always drunk during the earlier times.

Victoria University communications expert Dean Frenkel wrote in The Age, that aside from the colonial influence of the English, Irish, Aboriginal and German languages, the early settlers in Australia were often drunk.

Frenkel said, “Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns.” Daily Mail noted that the “constant slurring of words” resulted to a “verbal hangover” that Australians have today.

In an interview with News.com.au, Frenkel said that most settlers had alcohol because it helped them gather people. He gave an analogy wherein if guns were for Americans, Australians had alcohol. He said that children were being taught to speak drunk.

Frenkel wrote in The Age that an average Australian uses only two-thirds of his mouth to speak. He expressed his dismay over the kind of articulation where some consonants are missing while other vowels resulted to a different pronunciation. For instance, he noted that “l” was missing in the word Australia (Austraya) and “i” was changed to “o” in the word night (noight).

According to the communications expert, communication training is key to the speech impediment. He said that what’s lacking in the basic education of the three R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) is rhetoric. He claimed that rhetoric is barely taught in schools.

“When rhetoric is presented effectively, it enables content to be communicated in a listener-friendly environment, with well-chosen words spoken at a listenable rate and with balanced volume, fluency, clarity and understandability, Frenkel said.”

Meanwhile, Frenkel told the News.com.au that he does not plan to criticize Australia. He said that his research was “an act of love for the country.”

“I just want it to be better — don’t shoot the messenger — can you really deny there is a communication issue that needs to be pointed out?,” Frenkel added.