Travel junkies definitely know the power and importance of having their passports. These are not just any documents as they serve as entries to destinations across the globe. In a study conducted, Australia is one of the countries with the most expensive passports in the world.

As reported on, Australia was found to have the second most expensive passport in the world at $250. The country was next to Turkey whose passport costs $350 — the most expensive in the world. Switzerland landed on the third spot wherein each passport costs $220. Meanwhile, the most affordable passport was found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wherein one can get such at only $19.

The data was based from the Ultimate Passport Ranking conducted by GoEuro. They analysed 51 randomly selected countries around the globe to find out which passports are “the most useful” and what factors contribute to the power it holds.

GoEuro ranked the nationality passports based on its price, the minimum wage hours to afford a passport in 2015 as well as the visa free access to the country.

In Australia, one has to work for 15 minimum wage hours to purchase the passport cost. The number was relatively small compared with the 266 minimum wage hours in Mexico for someone to afford their $216 passport. The site mentioned that a person who has 2 hours of minimum wage work can already buy UAE’s passport.

Here’s the Top Ten List of Most Expensive Passports in the World:

1. Turkey $350, 95 hours

2. Australia $250, 15 hours

3. Switzerland $220, 9 hours

4. Mexico $216, 266 hours

5. United States $188, 19 hours

6. Italy $188, 23 hours

7. Canada $185, 15 hours

8. Japan $160, 19 hours

9. New Zealand $160, 10 hours

10. United Kingdom $153, 11 hours

GoEuro also asked the factors which contribute to a passport’s power. In the poll, 75% answered visa-free access while 25% believed that it’s the cost of the passport.

For visa-free access, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK and the USA topped the list wherein each has 174 visa-free countries.