Australia has been working hard to ensure a better livelihood for its indigenous population. However, it is being observed that the nation is lagging behind in achieving its goal in terms of its targets. The key objectives also included raising the life expectancy of the Aboriginal population.

The annual Closing the Gap report revealed that Australia was unable to maintain a balance in life expectancy rate between its aboriginal and non-indigenous population. It stated that the nation was missing six out of seven measures in its struggle to reduce indigenous disadvantage. The ninth annual report also stated that the healthcare and education divide among the two communities of the nation was also increasing.

The imbalance in the child mortality and life expectancy rate between indigenous and non-indigenous people has been discussed in details in the report. It reveals that the population of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders constitutes only three percent of the national population, which is around 23 million.

The report released on Tuesday has revealed the targets designed for Australia to follow. It ensures health, education and employment opportunities will increase for the disadvantaged community of the nation. Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed the parliament and said that the progress in terms of the improvement of the lives of Aboriginal people had not been up to the mark.

Turnbull to Invest More

Turnbull also confirmed investing an extra amount worth $50 million to make sure the research and evaluation of policies into closing the gap get improved. “Even with successive Commonwealth and state governments investing more resources, and even with tens of thousands of dedicated Australians seeking to contribute and engage, we are still not making enough progress,” Turnbull said on Tuesday, as quoted by the BBC.

The report has mentioned key targets to be achieved by Australia in the fields of high school completion rates, life expectancy, child mortality, education, and employment. The mortality rate for Aboriginal kids below four has been recorded as 165 per 100,000 between 2011 and 2015. The recorded figures showed that the rate was more than double as compared to the rest of the nation’s population.

The report released figures that revealed that the Aboriginal people have shorter life expectancy when compared to the rest of the Australians. The average gap, as depicted by 2013 recorded figures, is almost 10.6 years for males while it is 9.5 years for females.

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