Transportation giant Uber is prepared to launch its new food delivery service to homes in Melbourne next month.

Uber is officially launching UberEATS but unfortunately, its UberX services are still illegal in the Victorian region. The second largest Australian city will be the third non-US destination to introduce the home delivery facility. In addition, it will be the second city outside North America to enjoy such food delivery service.

UberEATS delivers its service to 10 US cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. The company currently delivers lunch in 10 minutes or less. Customers are allowed to track the progress of the delivery using the app. In case the customers do not have cash on hand, they can enjoy the fare split feature and share the amount of the meal with a group.

In an article published by Wall Street Journal, one of the potential challenges the food home delivery service is likely to face is the conversion of Uber drivers into delivery experts. “Delivering food creates new challenges for drivers, who have to get out of their cars to pick up the food from a restaurant, quickly shuttle it to their destination and sometimes park illegally while they wait for customers to appear at the curb,” the article stated.

According to, a survey conducted by depicted that Australia desperately required a proper home delivery service. The site surveyed over 2,000 Aussies and found that eating at restaurants was considered hectic for the nationals which brought about the preference to a proper food delivery service at home.

Uber aims to offer more work opportunities to drivers who play a vital role in reaping commissions. “There are around 20,000 UberX drivers on the platform every week and the average ETA [estimated time of arrival] across Australia is around three to four minutes,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Melbourne’s former Uber General Manager Simon Rossi as saying.