The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning on South Australia weather, stating that the state is expected to witness the worst winds in the past 50 years.

The West Coast of the state will face the gale-force winds’ effects on mid-Wednesday that will soon transform into stronger “storm force” winds by Thursday. Bureau State Director John Nairn said that the worst winds will come with waves of up to 10 meters in the West Coast, preparing to hit Adelaide and the Hills by Thursday.

When the state witnessed this type of winds the last time, it led to the Navy ships’ run aground at Glenelg, the director added. “If we were to go back through our records to see times when we have had this strength of wind, we would go back to 1964 and possibly to 1948 — back in ’48 they sank the Barcoo, offshore, in those winds,” he said.

“Those are the sort of winds we’re anticipating at this point in time — to be more impacting the southern Eyre Peninsula, up the lower Spencer Gulf, Kangaroo Island and potentially Investigators Straight. It is a very strong low that’s developing and it poses a significant risk to us at this time.”

A strict warning has been issued for the residents of North West Pastoral, West Coast and other districts. The bureau has asked the public in those areas to be prepared for a cold front forecast expected to hit Ceduna on Wednesday noon. On the other hand, the front is predicted to strike Woomera to Adelaide on the same evening.

According to 9News, State Emergency Services have distributed almost 43,000 sandbags to people belonging to both metropolitan and regional areas because of the South Australia weather forecast. This would likely help them during floods, if they occur.

SES Chief Officer Chris Beattie stated the possibility of the fall of power lines, which could last for a long time for both homes and businesses.