Australia weather update reports three deaths and more missing in the wild waters. Among the three people who have been confirmed dead, one is reported to be in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the rest two are in New South Wales (NSW).

A 37-year-old man’s body was found in Cottage River near Canberra. The victim was in a whirlwind of floodwaters at a river crossing. The other two men’s bodies were retrieved after an extensive search. A 65-year-old man was found dead inside his vehicle at Bowral and another man was killed when his utility vehicle washed off the road, notes BBC.

Sydney’s northern beaches bore the brunt of strong winds and a king tide with huge walls of waves measuring 13 meters that lashed on the shore, causing massive damage to property and severe sand erosion.

The impacts of the storm have been intense, with more than 100 people in Tasmania’s Latrobe and the surrounding area evacuated and a family of three people rescued from the roof of their car. The evacuation process is carried out extensively by boats and helicopters. Several evacuation centers have been opened in Launceston, Devonport, Deloraine and Wynyard to provide aid.

According to reports by The Guardian, the storm took a toll on the daily lives of people at the shores. With more than 3,500 homes facing power cuts and significant livestock losses at dairy farms along the Mersey River, the damage was unfathomable.

Recently, the government released major flood warnings in places like Forth, Mersey, Derwent, South Esk, Meander and North Esk rivers. Read this to know more about Australia’s monster storm.

Residences from beach sides were affected the worst as many were damaged by the gargantuan waves. SMH reports an inground swimming pool was swept off to the beach, while several million-dollar homes hang dangerously on the edge of sand cliffs. Popular clubs Collaroy Beach Club and Collaroy Surf Club were severely damaged. The warning about Australia’s major storm was released earlier this month.