Severe thunderstorms and heavy rains are reported to be far from over in Australia this week.

Despite the devastation that the stormy weather has brought in parts of New South Wales and Victoria, the Herald Sun reported that the giant weather system is expected to continue its wrath in the next few days. Both East and West Australia shall experience a week of storms brought by two broad low pressure troughs

Starting tomorrow, the slightly fair weather today will be swept away by storms and rains brought by the two troughs.

In New South Wales and ACT, the low pressure trough will move across West Australia late tomorrow. The site mentioned that the windy conditions with likely thunderstorms will come on Thursday and Friday. Rain showers are likely to develop in Sydney today and tomorrow. By the end of the week, the amount of rainfall is possibly greater than 100mm.

Victoria would have a break today from the severe storms. But due to the low pressure trough, heavy rains and storms are expected from Wednesday to Friday. The site mentioned that Melbourne Cup Day will likely be a sunny day before storms hit the area.

In South Australia, the weather system is expected to bring storms later today until Wednesday. Before the week ends, the amount of rainfall is up to 80mm. Adelaide has a high chance to experience rain showers tonight. It would continue to become rain with possible storms until Wednesday.

For those living in Queensland, residents would also experience thunderstorms but not as heavy as those in NSW and Victoria. Brisbane is expected to have storms late today and then on Thursday again until Sunday.

In Western Australia, a severe thunderstorm warning has been cancelled. However, there is still a possibility of isolated storms this week. According to the site, those living in Perth can experience sunny weather until Thursday before rain showers would develop again.

The Northern Territory residents will experience a mix of hot humid conditions and possible storms. Alice Springs is reported to reach a temperature of 40 before a storm hits the area later. Meanwhile, Tasmania is possibly the only state which will not see any thunderstorm in the next few days.

With the expected Australia weather for this week, residents should therefore take extra precautions to avoid accidents such as being struck by lightning.