Keep your sunscreens handy as Sydney faces one of its hottest days of the season. The temperatures will soar beyond 40 degrees today, followed by the impending thunderstorm. The good thing is the showers will offer Sydneysiders with some respite from the heat.

Sydney Morning Herald reports that Liverpool, Penrith and Richmond will be the hottest in Sydney, while the rest of the city will be a notch cooler with 38 degrees temperature.

Forecaster Christopher Webb from the Bureau of Meteorology told the paper that it is not possible to point what specific suburbs are expected to get the highest temperature at this stage.  “Probably most of Sydney will be in the high 30s and the western suburbs could touch 40 by the middle of the day,” he said.

However, despite the heat, there is no real fire danger for most of the city. Only the north western, lower central west plains and the southern slopes have a ‘very high’ fire risk rating today. Despite reaching close to 40 degrees, records show that this is not a record-breaking hot day. Sydney experienced the worst summer 2 years ago in 2013. The sun blazed with all its might in January that year raising the bar to 45.8 degrees .

And while Sydneysiders are getting toasted, the situation in Melbourne is no less harsh. Dailymail reports that the city was engulfed in a dust storm since late yesterday afternoon. The storm started after a very hot day when temperatures went beyond 40 degrees.

Brisbane is also expected to be roasted by the scorching heat and temperature is expected to go above the 30 degrees mark. According to Michael Paech from the Bureau of Meteorology, this is because of the warmer air from the northern parts of the country. However, cool showers are expected to lower the heat in the city tomorrow and onward.

Adelaide, which was not far behind in terms of temperature highs, is expected to cool off after rain showers. These are supposed to hit the city today and tomorrow. In the meantime, Perth, will see near 40 degree temperatures over the weekend.