Australia weather update will leave you looking for your blankets! The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney are subject to experience a “super-cold” winter ahead in 2016.

The indication has come following wild windy, rainy and snowy climate that surrounded the country this week. The details stated that that winter storm is all prepared to freeze South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania soon.

BoM has warned South Australians against monster winds and claimed that the scenario will be no different for Adelaide as well. The warning issued on Monday stated that damaging winds and blizzards are expected in alpine regions and hence, people must not plan any trip outside the country. The NSW Alpine regions would experience snowfalls as low as 300m throughout Victoria.

Another warning against the strong wind is reportedly in place. It is likely to be applicable for major parts of the south and central coast of NSW.

Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharpe said that “biting winds” might surround Sydney. The extreme weather might be the result of top temperatures, which is around five degrees above the average level of July. “For NSW, this event it isn’t remarkably strong but it’s especially dangerous for South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania,” Sharpe said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Where Canberra and Victorian the Grampians is expected to experience snow, South Australia might be rocked with monster winds. If the reports of the BoM Australia weather are followed, the cold front has already started proceeding SA to Adelaide taking freezy winds and rain to the regions across the states.

In conversation with, BoM senior forecaster Jenny Sturrock said that Tasmania will face monster winds. “At the moment we are seeing the new surge of cold air coming up from the south and will reinvigorate the region with a new cold front rapidly developing today,” she said. “It is this cold front that is bringing the damaging winds to (SA, VIC, TAS and NSW) and snow as well as very cold temperatures from tomorrow and Wednesday.”