The Australian government warned Indonesia on Thursday for being the next target of attacks being planned by terrorists. These plans were said to probably be in the advanced stages.

The government has requested travellers to be cautious enough while visiting Southeast Asian countries, including one of the popular tourist attractions of Indonesia, Bali. The travel advice published by the Department of Foreign Affairs came following the meeting between Justice Minister Michael Keenan and Jakarta police Chief Tito Karnavian where the recent Jakarta terror attacks were discussed. The meet also featured a discussion on Australia-Indonesia’s constant efforts to combat terrorism in the region.

The Australian government focused on the January 14 attacks that hit Jakarta and claimed the lives of eight people. It said that the threat still sustained. “We continue to receive information that indicates that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia,” the department stated. “An attack could occur anywhere at any time.”

The advisory warning stated that there were “recent indications” that depict that terror attacks being planned might be in an advanced stage. Keenan added that Southeast Asia is more likely to face a terror attack as violent extremists want young people there to stand for their mission. Recently, the Australian government also warned that the terrorists were planning to attack Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city, according to ABC News.

“Indonesia and our neighbours are all targets for [Islamic State]-inspired terrorism in the same way as Australia,” Keenan said as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “This is of grave concern for Australia and the Australian government. We are working in close cooperation with our neighbours to keep the region safe from terror.”

On the other hand, Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry claimed to have no information about the presumed attack. “We want to emphasise that our security authorities continue to be working and vigilant,” foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said in a statement. “They have not conveyed any indication of an increased attack.”