Australian fighter planes are planning to attack Islamic State or ISIS militants to flee from Mosul, an Iraqi city, to escape danger and death.

Vice Admiral of the Australian Defense Force’s joint operations David Johnston confirmed that the fighter plane pilots are preparing to target the escapists if they get an opportunity to do so. According to him, it would be best to attack them at the time they are trying to relocate in Syria to enhance their hold and power over the state.

The strategy came following the Australian troops’ awareness about the IS soldiers fleeing in vehicle convoys following the Iraqi invasion of the city of Fallujah in June. Besides the coalition aircraft, the Iraqis already targeted the vehicle convoys at the site. The series of air strikes in the two-year Iraqi-Syria conflict have been considered the most destructive ones in which hundreds of soldiers were killed, including Daesh forces.

Johnston said that Iraq is planning to re-invade Mosul. He added that it has been discovered that the capacity of the ISIS has been declining, leading to the weakening of their morale. Hence, the chances of defeating them are increasing subsequently.

Reports have indicated that the Daesh forces have already lost 45 percent of their territory in Iraq and 20 percent in Syria. Johnston, however, did not seem sure if the terror attack would be limited by the losses and weakening morale of the extremists.

The head of the defense forces said that until now, Australian aircrafts have played no role in the two-year conflict but if they found Daesh soldiers escaping the battlefield, they will surely act on it. According to the vice admiral, this would then be the vicious fight ’til death. “If there is a lawful opportunity presented, consistent with our targeting requirements while they are moving and are more vulnerable between locations, we would be party to making sure we are able to target them,” Yahoo News quoted the defense official as saying in Canberra on Tuesday.