A Canadian woman has been missing in Australia since February 15. The authorities are in search of this woman from Vancouver.

According to CBC Canada reports, Natalie Perkins, 36, has been the resident of Australia’s Byron Bay for the past three years. The missing woman was last seen in shorts and a blue and white-striped singlet carrying a checkered backpack. She was leaving a medical appointment set in a NSW beachside town on February 15, Monday just after 4:00 p.m.

Police said that Perkins missing is unexpected and added that she was suffering from already unhealthy conditions that required proper treatment and medication. The Gold Coast Bulletin stated that the victim had a Caucasian appearance with a height of 170-175 centimetres. Her basic body structure seemed of medium build. She had long blonde hair with blue eyes.

On February 22, another missing case was reported to the police where a woman from Vancouver also went missing. She was named Dolores A. Fake who went missing on the said date. However, the police solved the matter in finding Fake safe and unharmed at the soccer fields of Ridgefield High School.

Before missing, Fake was seen at her home situated in the 2500 block of NE 149th Avenue at 11 a.m. According to KPTV, police confirmed that she had an appointment with a hair specialist at a salon located at the 6300 block of Highway 99 but she didn’t turn up. The February 22 missing person had dementia and was released from the hospital recently.

Before her discovery at the soccer field, police released her basic details. She was 5’2’’ in height with a weight of 112 pounds. She had brown hairs and brown eyes. She left home on a 4-door car, Toyota Camry that had a WSU Cougar sticker on its back.

Byron Bay police and Crime Stoppers have released their contact numbers for people in case they come across missing Perkins anywhere.