Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has signaled conduction of tough citizenship test for migrants who want to become Australians.In conversation with a reputed media outlet, the minister said that working on the standard and level of the test has been a “debate worth having.” He said that it was one of the most significant steps to be taken to make sure no harmful source enter the nation in the name of refugees. Dutton put forth his personal opinion on the matter and said that there was a possibility of change in the immigration arrangements.

Dutton’s Detailed Planning of Tough Citizenship Test in Australia

The immigration minister said that modernization of the immigration arrangements will be his priority on the list of political objectives to be achieved in 2017. He indicated that he will make migrants go through tough citizenship test to ensure they have to work hard to qualify as Australians.

Dutton listed individuals’ dependence on welfare and their interest to learn English as the two most important elements of the citizenship test to become Aussies.“Australian values like abiding by Australian laws, working hard if you are able bodied and of working age, and educating your children have been the underpinning of the success of our ­migration program for a long time,” he told The Australian.

“The vast majority of people who want to become an Australian citizen embrace these ­values, but under the current ­arrangements people who don’t can still end up with the same valued prize of citizenship. My view is people who don’t embrace these tangible values shouldn’t expect automatic ­citizenship.”

The sudden indication of having a tough citizenship test has come following the detention of 24-year-old Egypt-born Ahmed Mohamed after the raid that foiled a homegrown Christmas Day terror plot in Melbourne. The reports claimed that the man arrived in the nation using a tourist visa in 2001 and he successfully obtained Aussie citizenship after five years of his arrival.

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