The Australian Employment Department has discovered that unemployed people in the nation refuse job opportunities coming their way merely because of it clashing with either their golf plans or their acting career dreams.

As a result of such attitude of unemployed people, the government has decided to tighten the rules relating to who should qualify for unemployment benefits. The benefits encourage the jobless rate, which might be the result of people taking employment casually and refusing opportunities because of some creative excuses. The stricter rules on unemployment benefits might encourage people to work. “Australia’s income support system is there as a safety net for people who genuinely cannot find a job – not as an option for those who simply refuse to work,” Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said in a statement.

The New York Post reported that the ones who refuse to accept an employment opportunity without any good reason behind it had to go without a welfare check for eight weeks. However, three out of four jobless people who did not accept a job in 2015 still managed to hold on the welfare checks. The rate of unemployment in Australia is presently at six percent.

The fundamental benefit offered to unemployed individuals across the nation is $261.7 per week. The amount is even higher for those who have dependent children or those who require rent aid. The government is planning to remove any discretion once the benefits are withheld, but the opposition is resisting the proposal. According to the opposition, the removal of discretion following withholding benefits might lead to homeless situations for unemployed people or leave them to suffer from other difficulties.

On Tuesday, the Employment Department released some of the reasons which prompt the unemployed people of different ages to refuse jobs. Some scenarios were the following:

  • A man, 58, refused to work on Sunday for three hours as those were his hours of playing golf.
  • A man, 19, refused a job to pursue his dream of becoming an actor.
  • A man, 26, did not accept a job because “he doesn’t work with chickens.”
  • A woman, 50, refused a receptionist job because she felt the office smelled bad.
  • A man, 33, refused a job because car washing was “too difficult.”
  • A man, 23, rejected job to assist a driver as his aim was to be the one to drive.