Being one of the most popular tourist attractions, Australia attracts a number of tourists every year. Foreign governments, therefore, have come up with some travel advices for people seeking to visit Australia in the near future.

Beginning from Zika virus to terror threats, every nation has been suffering from one or the other issues for a long time. Hence, it is necessary for tourists to be safe while they visit a particular place in Australia. Here are some for foreigners planning for an Australian visit soon.

Beware of dangerous fauna

Australia has some dangerous animals. Both US and Russian government seemed to advise its people to keep the distance from Australian fauna. The ABC reported that Russia has adviced its people to stay away from kangaroos as they have quite sharp claws that might cause severe injury prompting to “blood poisoning.”

Follow terror alerts

Most of the countries are facing terror attacks these days. The Lindt café siege in  and the involvement of the nation in Middle East conflicts are evident enough to show how likely Australia is to suffer terror attack. The foreign governments, especially the Chinese government, restrict their people from enjoying nights out in such critical situations.

Be careful in bars

Many foreign governments have warned their people to visit bars for drinks and cocktails, but must be careful. There have been incidents recorded where drink spiking occur. Hence people must be careful in receiving a drink from an unknown person. Some such places, according to the UK, are Kings Cross, Alice Springs, Centennial Park, etc. where robberies and assaults are very common.

Road safety

The nations worldwide have mentioned this point as one of the most important ones. A person from another country must know that Australians drive on the opposite side of the road. Thus, a tourist in Australia must cross road carefully and look both sides of the road while crossing it.

Be safe from shark attacks

Shark attacks in Australia have become quite evident globally. The presence of sharks in beach waters and severe attacks reported in spite of so many safety measures taken is a little concern for people. Hence this has become one of the strictest warnings from foreign governments to their citizens. Most of the nations have advised their people to swim only when patrolled by lifesavers. They are also said to remain between the red-and-yellow flags.