Australia might claim to be a multicultural nation but it has indicated restrictions to its immigration policies for African refugees coming from South Sudan and other nations.

The Scanlon Foundation has conducted “The Australians Today” survey recently to study Australian attitude towards Africans. It was found that Africans coming from other nations face five times more racial discrimination in the nation than the people born there. Though the survey found that Australia was among the nations with a positive attitude towards immigration, not all results proved to be affirmative.

The report surveyed the Indigenous population living in Victoria and New South Wales. Fifty-nine percent of them reported discrimination experience. Africans dominated the number of people facing racial discrimination in the states of Australia. Among them, 60 percent were born in Ethiopia, 75 percent were from Zimbabwe, 77 percent were born in South Sudan while 67 percent migrated from Kenya.

“It’s pretty clear that Australia as a society was not ready for very dark skinned people coming,” author Andrew Markus told AAP. The South Sudanese were allowed in the nation on humanitarian grounds but had to suffer huge discrimination. The “racist” attitude of the nation included instances like property damage, unfair work culture, keeping the African unemployed and even physical attacks.

Markus added that there are some of the treatments that might not have been listed because of their everyday occurrences. “For example, a bus doesn’t stop and a second bus doesn’t stop and a third bus doesn’t stop,” he said as quoted by “Or someone gets on the bus and the bus driver takes off before the person is seated.”

The report was published on Wednesday. It considered a wide range of issues including life satisfaction, economic fortunes, trusts in institutions meant for the public, etc. It put forth the experiences of over 10,000 people with diverse backgrounds with 19 different languages, according to The Conversation.

The nation which was only imposing restrictions on the entrance of Muslims within Australian boundaries has now started restricting the entrance of the African refugees also.

Does Australia still remain a multicultural nation? Think about it!