Television host Lisa Wilkinson lashed out at MP and mining mogul Clive Palmer over the collapse of his Queensland Nickel business that left 237 works jobless. Wilkinson took a swing at Palmer in an interview on Friday morning, asking him to pay the entitlements for the families that lost their jobs and telling him that Australia thinks he is a joke.

“Clive, you’ve sat yourself in front of a lot of very expensive yachts, you like to show off your wealth, you’ve boasted about being a very rich man for a very long time,” Wilkinson said during the interview, as quoted by the News Corp. “Why don’t you pay the entitlements for the 200 families?”

To this, Palmer replied that it was for the administration to decide. The five-minute interview was strewn with verbal clashes between Palmer and Wilkinson over questions around the former’s mining company.

“Look at the way you have treated me this morning, trying to talk over me,” Palmer was quoted as saying by the News Corp.

The mining mogul has been embroiled in controversies after his Queensland Nickel business went into voluntary administration, rendering 237 workers jobless. He has, however, defended himself over claims that he abandoned the workers.

However, allegations over his involvement in internal corporate dealings of the company even after he resigned from his directorship and that funds have flowed from Queensland Nickel to Palmer United Party are still being probed, the Guardian reported.

The Nine Network Today host asked Palmer whether he made a $6 million donation to Palmer United Party at the time when nickel prices were already low and the job market was down.

“I didn’t donate any money when the company was in any sort of difficulty,” Palmer replied.  “The donations I made to Palmer United were in 2013, three years ago.”

In the end, Palmer left the heated conversation on a congenial note, saying “All the best, it was a pleasure, bye.”