By now, the whole world has heard about the devastating attacks in Paris that happened on Friday the 13th. Australia has sent their condolences to the French officials hoping for the city to cope and carry on with their normal lives after the tragedy.

Our Sydney landmarks have lit up in honor of the Paris attacks by flying the French flag along with the Australian flag. Australia’s Premier, Mike Baird, has said on Twitter he would make a flag if he could not find the right size.

“I’ve asked for French flag to fly over the Harbour Bridge. There isn’t one in the country big enough. If we can’t find one, we’ll make one,” Mr Baird tweeted.

He also announced that the sails for the Opera House will be illuminating red, white and blue on Sunday and Monday night for the commencement of prayers Sydney will be hosting in their church service.

This will be held in the Sydney St Andrew’s Cathedral at 3pm on Sunday 15th and 6:30pm on Monday 16th November. All Sydneysiders are expected to attend to commemorate the 129 lives which perished in Friday’s attacks.


With Prince Charles and Camilla in Australia, he has spoken about the attacks at an event for his birthday. “Our hearts go out, as I’m sure you will all agree, to all those who’ve been affected in the most dreadful way by these bestial attacks.” he said. In honour of those who died, he requested for a one minute silence.

The capital of Australia, Canberra’s monument the Telstra Tower and the King Avenue has beamed blue, white and red light.

The Adelaide oval and Brisbane’s Story Bridge were the famous French colours on Saturday night. A French ambassador will be attending a Vigil in the Unley’s Soldiers Memorial Gardens on Tuesday.

Australia was not the only one illuminating the trio of colors, the United States of America famous monuments the One World Trade Centre in New York and the San Francisco City Hall lit up. In the time of mourning, the Empire State Building and the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in Las Vegas went dark signifying the countless amount of lives taken.