Colin Rowland headlined Australia Shark Attack news. A miracle just happened when the 65-year-old surfer just survived a deadly shark attack.

The man suffered foot and arm injuries when he was attacked by a [suspected] great white shark at Seven Mile Beach, south of Forster, on Thursday. Although Rowland was thrown six feet into the air by the shark after being chomped thrice, he managed to escape by kicking the great white in the head and swim ashore, learned Perth Now.

Call it fate or miracle, he somehow notified the authorities by raising an alarm. They promptly reached the spot and took him to the Pacific Palms Bowling Club where he was treated with the help of some nearby council workers.  Later, Colin Rowland was being airlifted to hospital. The latest updates revealed that he is in a stable condition now.

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The elderly surfer was attacked about 9:10 am, according to the authorities. “The surfer received puncture wounds to his foot and his arm,” they stated.

Colin’s son Tim told The Daily Telegraph his dad is an experienced surfer and he has been riding waves since his teenage years. Tim further revealed that his dad was surrounded by a pod of dolphins before being attacked by the shark.

In his words: “So Dad was out in the water and apparently it was strange there was a bunch of dolphins that came up and were sitting really close to the guys and in a tight pack, really close to them, and they thought ‘this is weird’.”

The great white shark measuring up to 3.5 meters (11 feet), with photographic proofs showing a large chunk bitten off the man’s board, which split in half, reported The Newcastle Herald. The Rowland family are strongly believed that he [Colin] was “lucky” to be alive.

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“If he didn’t have the board wedged square in its mouth the first time like a barrier … dad would be history. He was in the whole jaws of the shark for the first hit,” Tim concluded.

Experts found out Australia Shark Attack is increasing because water sports become more popular, which attracts the marine creatures to move closer to shore. However, up till now death cases are rare, according to Inquirer.

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