The merger of two leading security solutions companies in Australia has created a security heavyweight with an estimated market value of more than $140 million.

Leading cyber security company, Secure Logic, acquired end-to-end solutions provider, Computer Room Solutions (CRS), in a bid to expand its portfolio.  Post merger, CRS will continue to operate as an independent division of Secure Logic.

According to the website of Secure Logic, the Sydney-based company has been offering online cyber security services to top clients including Alibaba, Westpac, Optus, Fujitsu and the Federal government.

Secure Logic is an established specialist in online ICT security and certification. Explaining the rationale of the merger, Secure Logic founder and MD, Santosh Devaraj said the security industry is changing fast and requires companies to think beyond their outbound presence and internal controls. There has to be an assurance that their data is protected during the entire lifecycle.

He said with CSR on board, Secure Logic will bolster its presence by adding more clients with end-to-end security solutions. CRS managing director, Brendan Dessent said the deal would help his company to surpass the expectations of clients, reports ARN Net.

In the past, Secure Logic acquired companies such as Contingency Asia and Plush Hosting. Devaraj said the merger adds incremental value to the company with clients getting access to a complete suite of security solutions, both physical and technical.

“We are excited to provide services that meet our clients’ needs from ground to Cloud. We have delivered on a number of successful joint projects in the past and what is clear is that both companies share common values and a vision of supplying the best when it comes to security solutions,” Devaraj added.

The blue chip clients of CRS use Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) certified products. Its clients include data centres and hosting companies such as Equinix, AWS, and Digital Realty, Commonwealth Bank and ANZ besides many government institutions.

The CRN reports that Sydney-based CRS has excelled in its solutions including products such as racks, cabinets, containment solutions, data centre security caging, control systems and PDUs.