A traveller can never get enough of travelling. His love for travelling occasionally makes him visit the unexplored corners. If you connect yourself with his kind of passion and you are in the heavenly land of Australia, this guide can take you to those places you have never seen before.

Town of 1770, Queensland

It is a sleepy town with stunning beaches, lush landscapes, reefs and a plethora of options for adventure lovers. It is one of only three places on the east coast of Australia where you can enjoy the sun set over the water as it is built on second landing site of Captain James Cook and annually it celebrates the event.

Flickr/Ella Scudlerowww.flickr.com/Ella Scudlero

Flickr/Ella Scudlero

The Torres Strait Islands

Downundr describes it as a collection of tiny islands between Papua New Guinea’s south coast and Cape York, Queensland’s northern point. Spread over 120 kilometers, the Torres Strait Islands welcomes those who wish to relax and discover the unknown. The beaches are spectacular and still virgin with crystal clear water. It makes you feel you are in a different world altogether.



Cape Melville, Australia

If you can afford a helicopter, then just fly to this place. Cape Melville is separated from Australia by scary granite rocks heaped hundreds of feet tall. Located about 900 miles away from Brisbane, it is a  place full of unknown elements.  The rain forest habitat here are completely different from what you have seen till date.

Flickr/John Benwellwww.flickr.com/John Benwell

Flickr/John Benwell

The Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

It can be the favourite in the list of remote places of Australia. Here you can enjoy the view of the region’s vast inshore reef and countless corals, plush mangrove forests, grand sea grass meadows and Humpback whales in largest numbers. Australian Explorer details that Kuri Bay is a must-visit if you love  cultured pearls.

Flickr/Ian Cochranewww.flickr.com/Ian Cochrane

Flickr/Ian Cochrane

There are always elements of mystery and a bit of risk involved in the process of discovering the unknown. However, it is believed to be worth it!