Although the Tromp family has reunited, the mystery behind their drive off to New South Wales and their separation still continues.

On their trip last Monday Mark Tromp and Jacoba Tromp, along with their three adult children Mitchell, Ella and Riana, split following which the couple was found missing while their children met at their place in Melbourne. Despite Tromp’s and his wife’s recovery, the story behind their sudden trip and their isolation remains unclear. Tromp was found after a five-day search conducted by the children and detectives.

During their trip, the family was seen together at the Jenolan Caves, which is 150 kilometers west of Sydney. A passerby reported the recovery of the mother, 53, the very next day in a “catatonic state. She was found more than 240 kilometers away from where she went missing. After her recovery, Jacoba was admitted to Yass Hospital on Thursday and then transferred to Goulburn, where daughter Rianna, 29, is also getting treated for mental illness.

Mitchell left the couple in Kelso close to Bathurst on Monday and took a public transport to return to Melbourne while the sisters left their parents at Jenolan Caves. They took a ute and drove to their place on the same night as their brother. The children felt there was something wrong with the parents and realized they were being “delusional.”

The family left their credit cards, mobile phones, passports, etc. at home before leaving. According to reports, Tromp believed that someone was preparing to kill them while another story came up, according to which, the family was trying to escape an alleged robbery on their trip.

“I didn’t feel in danger,” Mitchell, 25, said on Sunday outside the family home in Silvan as quoted by Sky News. “But I had to go with the family because I wanted to see where they were going. It was tough to see your family like that and I’ve never seen anyone like it.”

Daughter Ella, 22, also admitted that she thought something was wrong with all of them and “our state of mind wasn’t in the best place.”

Tromp was recovered on Saturday in Wangaratta and has been put under the care of friends and relatives.