Once again, the life of a Sydney baby was endangered because of a hospital’s carelessness. Baby Amelia Khan was subjected to nitrous oxide gas instead of oxygen shortly after her birth.

The baby was born on June 20 to Benish and Danial Khan at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital located in the southwest of the capital. The parents revealed that the baby has been experiencing continuous seizures since then, and the doctors have told them that she needs to be fed through a tube. She was the first baby and was a much-anticipated child, the victim’s parents revealed.

The incident has damaged her brain permanently and was the most devastating experience for them, the Khans revealed. “We remain full of hope for Amelia’s future but we worry for her and want to do everything we can to make sure she has the best life she possibly can,” the parents said in a statement.

The reports also revealed that prior to this case, another baby, John Ghanem, faced the same issue at the hospital and died later. The parents of the present baby suffering from the same felt sympathetic towards the parents of Ghanem, saying that the pain they experienced could not be imagined.

The Khans have undertaken a legal step to claim compensation from the Sydney hospital whose carelessness has resulted in the life and death situation of the baby. Law firm Maurice Blackburn is representing the Khans. “We are in the very early stages of investigating that claim,” medical negligence lawyer Libby Brookes said as quoted by 9News.

“We will work to get the best possible outcome for Amelia to ensure she gets what she needs so that she is given every chance to reach her potential.”

The parents said that their intention is only to make sure no one else suffered the same tragedy as they were going through. They said that their daughter will have to live with the consequences of the hospital’s carelessness while she is alive. The Khan parents said that they will always remain with their girl but also ensure the hospital never repeats the same with anybody else after John and Amelia.

Hospital General Manager Chris Leahy, along with an engineer, has been looking into the commissioning the gas line. Following the Sydney case coming into the limelight, they have given up their jobs.