Another shark attack has been reported in Australia, where a West Australian kitesurfer was attacked and died on the main island of New Caledonia.

“The man in his 50s was kitesurfing inside the reef at Loumac. He fell and was bitten,” Marine Rescue Coordination Center Head Nicolas Renaud said.

This incident is the second fatal attack in a row that occurred in the South Pacific territory in the past six months. The man belonged to Australia’s southwest coast Freemantle and has yet to be identified. He went on a catamaran with many other people who raised the alarm when the shark attack took place on Tuesday. A rescue boat was immediately sent to the aquatic spot but the team could not save him.

The local authorities confirmed that the man was in his 50s and he was bitten by a large shark. The shark attacked his thigh. They also said that the catamaran that raised the alarm was the first to give aid to the man. After a few hours of the incident, the kitesurfer died.

“He suffered a deep bite to the thigh from a big shark,” Renaud added. “We don’t know for the moment what species it was.”

Officials from the Australian consulate are consoling the family of the man who died in the shark attack. The incident has come following a previous shark attack in April where a woman was attacked and killed by a shark on a beach on Poe located in the west of the island group. Another kitesurfer was attacked in June when a shark bit him on his heel while sailing off to New Caledonia. The case was not fatal enough to be reported.

According to the ABC, the year 2015 has witnessed around 98 cases of shark attacks, among which six were fatal. It has been the highest figure recorded since 1958 by researchers from the University of Florida.